About us

Selveje Danmark is the association for nearly 300 self-governing, non-profit organisations in Denmark. Founded in 2012, by a handful of non-profit organisations, all whom found it necessary to come together to achieve common goals; such as protecting self-governing organisations political, vocational and professional interests, wishes and needs. Selveje Danmark is an independent association, with its own Board of Directors. Through close cooperation with the Danish Chamber of Commerce, Dansk Erhverv, and through the membership of the two associations, the members hold a strong political voice.

Our members are value-based and visionary organisations, who contribute to the welfare state in areas such as eldercare, employment, vulnerable youth, homelessness and much more. Common to members of Selveje Denmark is that they ensure underrepresented citizens participation and voice in the society.

We believe that non-profit organisations play a central and vital role in our society. For years non-profit organisations have addressed social challenges and explored opportunities through innovation, entrepreneurship, creative use of resources and most importantly the ability to involve society in a shared vision. The non-profit sector is in several ways enriching different levels throughout our society – the sector creates visionary solutions to social, health and economic problems and provides great service.  To achieve this goal, it is necessary to have a collective voice. This voice is Selveje Danmark.

Sharing experiences internationally is also an important step in the process. Currently, the Nordic network of associations for non-profit organizations consists of: